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About us

CFAIR SUPPLY is an exporter of high quality health, fitness, sporting and home products. Our professional merchandisers having been in business for over 10 years to provide sourcing serveice to our customers. We carry only the competitive products from qualified manufacturers in China. We source directly through our wide network of manufacturers, our pricing is much more competitive than the average distributor in the industry.

CFAIR SUPPLY stands behind the quality of every product that we carry, and our commitment to excellence in customer service from local China supply market has made us one of the reliable companies in the market. Our customers will always receive the very best support from our large staff of professional merchandisers.

We would like to thank our customers for their continuing support and promise to make our products and services even better, and we would like to encourage new customers to contact us and find out our services to support your business success!

Following are our key products:
- Sports Bandages 
- Sports Braces
- Hot & Cold Therapy
- Fitness Accessories & Equipments
- Home Gym
- Gaming/Rocker Chair
- Stand Desk and Stand Desk Mat

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